Doctors Recovery System

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in permanent changes to our healthcare system. For healthcare practitioners to survive, they need to adapt to change. Have you made the pivot? Do you have a recovery plan? 

You need a plan: Use the Doctors Recovery System

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You can protect your medical practice with the three-prong approach of the Doctors Recovery System (DRS). It's designed to help medical practices rebound and thrive in this onslaught of change. More is coming, so get ready and stay ready, because pandemics come in three waves. We're in the COVID-19 first wave, but the 2nd wave is coming this Fall 2020, and the third wave is expected late winter/spring of 2021. 

DRS gives healthcare practitioners three powerful tools, resources, and platforms to prepare your business for all three waves of business disruption. But if you execute the Doctors Recovery Plan it could be a business opportunity. DRS will help you retain your patients, grow your business, and increase revenue by sticking to these business fundamentals.


The Fundamentals


 1. Patient Communication -- Your Health Matters E-Newsletter keeps you connected and engaged with your patients so they remain abreast of changes in policies and procedures, health and wellness matters important to them, and how to keep themselves and family safe and well. 


  2. Telemedicine Platform -- Full suite of telemedicine capabilities tailored to the size of your practice. Collaborative telemedicine tools enable remote virtual patient consultations in a secure environment. 

Seamless high definition video examination from any device and location. 

Clinical data shared between patients, physicians, and specialists.


 3. Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer -- Another point of view and the seasoned experience of a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer will help you better manage the challenges you’re facing now and what’s up ahead. Before and after you reopen, it’s important to raise your visibility in the community and sustain it to regain market share.  You'll get 1 hour per month of business and marketing coaching conveniently on your schedule. 



  4. Practically Speaking E-Newsletter for Doctors -- Filled with practical tips, news and updates on business management, practice operations, insurance protocols, patient marketing and education, telemedicine/telehealth, family and estate planning, money management, medical supply resources, and more.


  5. DRS-Doctors Recovery System -- Free helpful guide to survive and thrive in a pandemic or any crisis. It's our way to help doctors and healthcare practitioners recover from the coronavirus and come out stronger than before.

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Doctors Recovery System gives doctors a  practical plan to rebound and thrive from the coronavirus pandemic.

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