Your Health Matters E-Newsletter

Your Health Matters is a bi-weekly e-newsletter delivering insightful information to help improve the health and lifestyle of your patients.  It provides helpful tips and advice and keeps them informed on health matters important to them, family and friends.  

Constant Patient Engagement


Attract, Nurture and Retain Your Patients

Your Family Matters e-newsletter helps doctors stay in touch with patients not only in the face of medical crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to answer questions and concerns about general aches and pains, chronic medical conditions, flu season and preventative health measures to help keep them healthy and safe.

Patients Need to Hear from You

 They need to know you care. 

Your Health Matters E-Newsletter does just that with real-time articles, information, and helpful advice on health and wellness topics that matter to your patients. 

Plus, 85% of patients enjoy receiving and reading their patient newsletter. It helps to position you as the expert in your community and keeps your practice top of mind. 

We know doctors don't have time to produce an e-newsletter, so WriteThen Marketing will do all the work for you, including onboarding, copywriting, design, white label branding, and email distribution. If you prefer, we can send the e-newsletter to you to email to your patients, whichever works best for you. 

We've made our Your Health Matters e-newsletter a hassle-free, easy to implement, turnkey communication tool to help you stay engaged with your patients. It's done-for-you marketing branded with your medical practice.

If you only have the resources for one marketing effort, email is the most effective marketing. 


If you're a medical association, physician co-operative, accountable care organization, or management care organization, ask about our group discounts to make a patient e-newsletter subscription even more cost effective for your members.  

Why an E-newsletter?

  • E-Newsletters nurture relationships. They remind people you exist! 
  • Sells your medical practice without “selling” by educating with stories, metaphors, and helpful advice on health and wellness.
  • Builds trust. Builds your brand. Builds your practice. 
  • Positions independent physicians as experts in their community.
  • Grows your reputation.
  • 12 Months of constant patient engagement.
  • Retains patients. People want to connect with businesses they know and like.
  • Attracts patient wellness visits and check-up appointments with valuable updates and reminders.
  • Boost your social media following. Drive traffic to your website, videos, blog posts, testimonials and social media. 
  • Gain higher Google rankings.