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About Us

Passionate Marketing Experts


Changes in the U.S. healthcare system have increased costs and regulatory burdens

for private practices and clinics.

Many independent medical providers are overwhelmed 

and not in a position to do their own marketing efforts consistently.  

You don’t have to go it alone.

There is a solution:

WriteThen Marketing 

We provide done-for-you marketing and public relations support to independent physician practices.  

PRACTICE MADE PERFECT! is the marketing platform solution 

to give providers more time to focus on their patients and enjoy more of life. 

From start-up to scale-up enterprises, PRACTICE MADE PERFECT! shows medical practices 

how to engage with patients and communities  

to nurture relationships, earn their trust, and deliver incredible steady results. 

The marketing tools are all tried and true and done-for-you.


And, when you ever feel stretched in all directions or beyond your expertise, 

the seasoned experience of a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer 

will help you accomplish more, faster…and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.  

As Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer, we provide another point of view.  

We transfer our wealth of marketing knowledge to your organization

so it becomes part of  your business DNA.   

We help you scale your medical practice.  Fill in holes in your marketing expertise.  

Oversee marketing efforts you don’t have time to do.  Be your "feet on the street."  

And, for associations and organizations providing coordinated support to independent physician practices, 


Both can help you provide more professional support resources 

to time-strapped practices in constant need of marketing help.

WriteThen Marketing welcomes collaborating with you.

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It Starts with Patient Education


In today's education-based patient-savvy world, 

patients expect to receive helpful content information

 from physicians. 

If they aren't, they will seek medical advice and care elsewhere. 

Patient education helps to manage those patient expectations. 

It’s all about marketing that teaches people and 

adds meaningful value. 

Because people are hungry for information.

 They want to gain knowledge about 

medical procedures, preventative health measures, and 

healthcare options your practice provides. 

Content Builds Reputations


When you educate patients, you build trust

which earns their business.

Content, like e-newsletters, social media, email marketing campaigns, starts conversations with people. 


Content creates a relationship between physician and website visitors. Content establishes your expertise.  Content builds a credible reputation as a medical authority.  

We empower physicians with the right tools needed to succeed. 

Talk to us today about how our seasoned team

could help you and/or your providers 

accomplish more, faster, and put you on a solid track

to build an even more successful medical practice.