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Get consistent engaging marketing support for your medical practice.

Marketing Services

Well-written, Researched and Creatively Conceived


  Our Marketing and Public Relations Platform delivers...  


*   Patient retention, new patients and referrals

*   Consistent patient engagement

*   Patient marketing system

*   Value-added content 

*   Educational information

*   Online and offline publicity

Let us sit down with you and look over your marketing plan or build one. 

Do you know which marketing tools to use?  Do you have time or staff for a consistent marketing push? 

With a consultation, we can get you on the right track.

Marketing Insight


Every medical practice needs a sound marketing platform 

in order to thrive.  We give physicians insight on what works,

what doesn’t…and, just the tools needed 

to amplify your message, strengthen your reputation 

and build a growing community of patients.

We start with an understanding of your target audience and message positioning. PRACTICE MADE PERFECT! is easy to use because the marketing tools are done for you


We can do ALL of the work as your virtual marketing team

or execute specific marketing tools.

Marketing Push


Consistency makes all the difference in a successful marketing push.  When you can't spare the time and effort to keep it going, 

PRACTICE MADE PERFECT! provides relief with five done-for-you marketing tools that are tried and true.


  1. Public Relations
  2. Irresistible Incentives 
  3. E-Newsletters
  4. Automated Email Campaigns
  5. LinkedIn Marketing Connections


Share the big news


Don't keep news about your practice to yourself. Get the word out! Let folks know.

Public Relations is about influencing, engaging and building relationships with audiences to shape and frame a positive perception of your medical practice.

Be the expert


 Give patients information they want. Irresistible Incentives secure contact information in exchange for valuable content. Catch traffic who leave your website without engaging. Showcase you as a medical authority. 

Nurture relationships


Remind people your practice exists! 

E-Newsletters "soft sell" your medical practice and expertise without “selling” by educating with stories, metaphors and helpful advice.  Just think, within minutes of pressing “Send,” you stay connected.

Tell your story


 Everybody has a story to tell. Tell your amazing story with carefully crafted Email Campaigns. You'll create a personalized dialogue with people and learn what matters most to them. Attract patients who match the services you offer.  

Make valuable connections


 Are you connected on the world’s largest professional network -- LinkedIn?  LinkedIn Marketing can laser target by geography to build your own community of followers. Weekly posts build social media awareness and foster familiarity of your practice. 

Perfect for You!


People choose providers they value, like and trust.  PRACTICE MADE PERFECT! is, well ...the perfect marketing solution for independent physician practices with limited time, staff and resources.  We'll share your great stories, boost visibility and increase your value to patients.


Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Ever feel like you’re being pulled in all directions or stretched beyond your expertise? Another point of view or the seasoned experience of a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer could help you accomplish more, faster…and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time officer. 

Your Virtual CMO

We help you scale your medical practice.  Fill in holes in your marketing expertise.  Follow up on a marketing push you don’t have time for.  Be your "feet on the street."  Build your practice and tell your story throughout the community.  Or, do other things you hate to do or don’t have in your skill set.  Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer can help, and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. 

Need a Sounding Board?

When everyone looks to you for direction, who do you talk to when you want to bounce ideas around?  Who pushes back or tells you when your “cool marketing idea” is a huge distraction? This is an ideal fit for Your Virtual CMO.  We help make you a stronger leader in your medical community. 

 Time and Money Saver

Time is your most valuable asset.  We offer you the tools, talent and expertise to strongly improve your business health, while spending 1/3 of the expense of a traditional full-time Chief Marketing Officer. 

When independent medical practices can't afford a full-time marketing officer, Your Virtual CMO achieves higher level goals with a direct impact on your bottom line.  You can be more successful in an ever-changing sales and marketing environment. 


How It Got Started

We started Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer when we  found many independent physician practices and small-to-medium sized businesses were lacking the necessary funds to bring on this essential position full-time. 


Your Virtual CMO helps move your medical practice forward if it has stalled at anytime in the past. We create the right environment, so your practice can thrive and you can become what you want to achieve in the community.

Meet Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer


Hi, I'm Jack Peters, Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Over 35 years ago as a teenager, I started my career in retail sales at the venerable Sears Roebuck & Company. It was my first taste of customer service. I learned lots of lessons, including the importance of listening. In college as an advertising major, I continued to hone my sales, marketing and advertising skills through jobs and paid internships in radio and publication marketing and advertising.  After college, I worked in newspaper advertising sales and retail sales, eventually opening up my own successful sales promotion/marketing communications company in Chicago in 1989, working with local businesses and Fortune 500 companies across the globe. 

WriteThen Marketing allows us to focus our 30+ years of marketing and public relations experience to help independent physician practices in need of marketing support.  We help them stay engaged with patients and nurture relationships to earn their trust and loyalty.    

Why hire me as Your Virtual CMO?

It's a good question.  The answer is simple -- you can't do it all.  Your hands are full day-to-day treating patients, keeping up with administrative paperwork, managing a medical practice...   

Chances are marketing is not your area of expertise.  And even if you are familiar with our craft, do you have time or staff to do a consistent effort?

This is where I come in as Your Virtual Chief Marketing Officer. I have the time and the marketing expertise. I can fill in any gaps in your skill set and successfully follow through on those marketing efforts you don’t have time for.   As Your Virtual CMO, I can help support your medical practice and at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.  

And, you have access to our team of marketing professionals.  Here's why your practice will great benefit when I'm Your Virtual CMO:


  • We offer you the ability to hire a team or individual at a fraction of the cost to retain someone in-house.

  • Our team is specialized across various marketing disciplines and can formulate a marketing platform with an interdisciplinary approach.   

  • We focus on improving and building up your medical practice by handling the essential marketing functions.   

  • We offer a fresh perspective and collaborate with you to develop your story, retain patients and attract others, and position you as an expert in your niche.